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Meet Miconvey at Coloproctology 2024 in Malaysia

2024 - 03 - 06

Attending Coloproctology 2024 in Malaysia was an extraordinary experience, as it gave us the opportunity to listen to lectures and ideas from doctors around the world, and to jointly explore how we can strike a harmonious balance between technology and humanity. We will learn from experts who have harnessed technology to improve surgical outcomes while maintaining the patients’ well-being at the forefront of their practice.

The theme, “Humanizing Technology”, reminds us that while we welcome innovation, we must also prioritize the human element in patient care. The empathy, compassion, and expertise of our surgeons, nurses and support staff are irreplaceable. Technology should augment, not replace, the critical role that human touch plays in providing comprehensive patient care.


Miconvey is committed to fostering a strong and collaborativerelationship with doctors, not only as a customer but also as a valuedpartner. Our dedication to continuous improvement means that we willactively seek doctors’ feedback and input to further enhance our productsand services. We value the surgeons' expertise and the vital role it plays indriving innovation and delivering better patient outcomes. By activelylistening to the insights of experts, we are eager to strengthen our collaboration to achieve even greater advancements in healthcare together.

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